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Thursday, 20 October 2016

Just another Thursday

Here I am starting a post for this lovely dry, somewhat cool Thursday won't get it finished though as mum will be here soon to pick me up. I have an appointment at Belmont hospital for physio to the left side of my neck and head due to all the pain I have been having. Physio through the hospital is free hence the reason I am going though the hospital.

Tim said he should be able to pick his bike up this afternoon, he gets home from work around 1.40pm so I will drive him back to Toronto to get the bike and then go straight to the school to get Leo who I will let spend another night here if he wants too but he goes back to his mum's place tomorrow after school as he has been her since Monday night.

For all who are interested I have no idea where Natasha has been staying this week, she tells me nothing but looks like Blain will be living with his dad Monday to Friday and staying with his mum from Friday afternoon to Monday morning. So if this is the case I can see him having to change schools yet again as his dad lives around 40 minutes from here and it is a bit much to expect him or Kelli to drive all that way five days a week.

I pegged all the washing on the line and it feels like it is going to rain, so what to do, should I leave it on the line or throw it in the dryer. I will chance it and hope for the best.

Yesterday well last night to be exact we booked and paid for another cruise this one is to Papua New Guinea and again we are going with my parents their cabin has been booked too and is next to ours. We were talking about it on Sunday over lunch at my parents place and I said I hadn't been able to find a cruise to Papua New Guinea but after lunch I had another look online and found one so made enquiries about the cruise and now it is booked and paid for. More about this at a later date.

I started this at 10.30am and it is now 4pm and I am now getting around to finishing it partly because I forgot about it when I got home from physio, anyway the physio went well the guy massaged my neck and shoulders as he said I was really tight and could do with a good massage I can tell you he hurt like hell. The guy was ok I wasn't overly wrapped in him but I didn't disliked him either. I have been given some exercises and told to go back in two weeks time.

All the washing dried on the line which is good no rain but it is still pretty cool/cold here.  

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

History Of New South Wales Police/Deaths

Since the earliest days of the New South Wales Police Force there has been deaths of those who chose to serve starting way back in 1803, with the death of Constable Joseph Luker of the Sydney Foot Police his death was the first recorded death of a member of the Police in Australia. While patrolling on foot at night in Back Row East, Sydney Town (now Phillip Street Sydney), the Constable was attacked and killed. His body was found the following morning with the guard of his cutlass embedded in his skull. Four offenders later faced court, where three were acquitted (including two fellow Constables) and one was sentenced to death (later commuted when three attempts to hang him failed).
However, the first death of a member of the new Police Force formed in 1862 occurred when Constable William Havilland was accidentally shot at Orange whilst returning from Eugowra Rocks, where he had been guarding the gold escort which had earlier been bailed up by bushrangers.

Because of the problems with bushrangers Special Constables John Carroll, Patrick Kennagh, Eneas McDonnell and John Phegan were secretly sworn in as part of a covert operation to capture bushrangers who had shot and killed Constable Miles O'Grady at Nerrigundah in 1866. The four Special Constables were ambushed at night at Jinden (near Braidwood) and killed. Their deaths represent the largest loss of Police lives in a single incident of this type in Australia. Later that year, the Campbell Commission of Inquiry into the State of Crime in the Braidwood District was established. This was the first Royal Commission type inquiry into the NSW Police.
In 1945, the Force also saw the death of Constable Eric Bailey who was shot at Blaney. Constable Bailey was posthumously promoted to the rank of Sergeant Third Class and awarded the George Cross - remaining the only Australian Police officer to be awarded the then highest award for civilian bravery under the Imperial Honours then in force.
In 1963 Constable First Class Cyril Howe was shot and killed at Oaklands after his pistol jammed. He was able to write his attacker's name in his official notebook before his death. He was posthumously promoted to the rank of Sergeant Third Class and awarded the Queen's Police Medal for Gallantry. His death lead to the adoption of the Smith & Wesson .38 calibre revolver as the standard Police sidearm in NSW.
Senior Constables Peter Addison and Robert Spears were shot and killed at Crescent Head in 1995. As a result of these deaths, the Glock self-loading pistol was adopted as the standard sidearm for Police. Bullet resistant vests were also generally made available to operational Police.

These are just a few examples of those who have died in the line of duty, as mentioned in earlier posts the New South Wales Police Force have an honour roll of those who have paid the ultimate sacrificed in the execution of their duty.

This official NSW Police Honour Roll records the name, rank, date and a precis of each death which has been accepted as duty-related by the various Commissioners (and Inspectors General) of Police of the day.
Also included on the Honour Roll is the first recorded death on duty of a serving member of any Australian Police jurisdiction.
Unfortunately due to the nature of policing, this Honour Roll will never be complete

The complete list of officers can be found here:

I counted the names and there were 245 on the roll

May they rest in peace - lest we forget. 

Monday, 17 October 2016

Stressed and wanting to cry

Do you ever feel like crying?

Do you ever wonder why things have to be so hard, so complicated and so bloody frustrating?

Do you ever wonder why someone cannot see things from someone else's point of view?

How hard is it to have respect for someone else, and their wishes and feelings?

Lately as in the last week or so I have felt like crying a lot and I am often feeling frustrated and feel like screaming. Natasha doesn't see things from anyone else's point of view, she things she does but when I was talking to her this morning and when her dad was talking to her yesterday afternoon it didn't sound like she could get what he was saying or he get what she was saying.

She would rather fork out money to stay in a motel other than coming home, her dad has asked her to come home but she won't she says she doesn't want to come back only to end up fighting with her dad yet again and leaving in a mood saying she won't ever come back. I don't get that yes her and Tim fight they are so much alike but I feel like she is being stubborn and because she can't have everything here her way she would rather not be here.

She really doesn't get that this is our home and we have the right to have stuff in it, she keeps going on about how much stuff we have in the house and how we need to get rid of stuff because she doesn't do clutter and mess. When she starts going on about the house I get upset and doesn't get why.

I know she would be happier in her own house but at the same time she chose to give up her house and move back in here, I do not think she thought it through before she moved home, I told her it is not like she didn't know what this house was like before she moved home. When she moved home she was talking about being here for years she didn't even make it through one year before it all fell apart.

In other news Tim still doesn't have his bike back so I am using Jessica's car yet again and tonight I have said that Leo can stay here so I don't have to get up early to go and pick him up from his mum's to take him to school. This afternoon I have to take him bowling after school then home here for the night Tim should be home around 4.30pm so I don't mind having him here for the night.

Yesterday was my dad's birthday he turned 74 and we all went over for lunch well by all I mean me and Tim, Dave and his kids, Sandra and her girls, neither Jeannie or Sue turned up but it was also Sue's granddaughter Isabel's birthday so she was at her daughters place for her granddaughter's birthday.

Friday was my baby sister's birthday she was 39, like how the hell did she get that old seems like only yesterday she was a baby that I took into my bedroom with me while I listened to very loud music as well as taking her to shops and such with me and now she is 39.

We have two more birthdays this month Sue then Dave and then we are done for the month. 

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Have you heard of...............Jack Sheppard

I reckon pretty much everyone has heard of the Artful Dodger, a character in Charles Dickens novel Oliver Twist, but how many of you have heard of Jack Sheppard many people believe he was the inspiration for the Artful Dodger, don't know if he was or not because hell I wasn't alive back then but anyway I have be inspired to tell you a little about him.

He was born on the 4th March 1702 into a poor family, he scored an apprenticeship as a carpenter and by 1722 after 5 years of apprenticeship he was an accomplished craftsman and it is believed he had only a year left of his training when he embarked on a life of crime.

He was only a small man said to be about 5'4” tall and of slight built which was one of the reason he was able to escape so easy from prisons and shackles. He is said to have a quick smile, charm and a personality that made him popular in the taverns of Drury Lane, this is where he fell in with bad company and where it is said he met a prostitute called Elizabeth Lyon better known as Edgworth Bess.

The first recorded crime he committed was petty shoplifting in 1723 he was, however, arrested and imprisoned five times between 1723-24 but escaped four of those times which made him notorious and popular especially amongst the poor.

His first escape was in 1723 from a new prison in Clerkenwell where he was sent after being detained in St Anne's Roundhouse where he was being held for pick-pocketing and where when she visited him Bess was recognised and also arrested. They spent a night there but the next morning he filed of his restraints made a hole in the wall and removed an iron bar and wooden bar from the window, then tying bedding together the pair lowered themselves on to the ground. They then climbed over a 22 foot-high wall to make good their escape, wow what a feat remember Jack wasn't a big man and Bess was quite a large woman.

The following year after being convicted of burglary Jack found himself under sentence of death and was in Newgate prison in those days there was a hatch with a large iron spikes opening into a dark passage that led to the condemned cell. Jake filed away one of the spikes so that it would easily break off and in the evening when Bess and another prostitute came to see him they distracted the guard while he removed the spiked climbed through and made his escape with the help of the women.

He was not free for long though, he may have found it easy to escape but he also found it just as easy to get caught.

His last escape was thought to be is most famous escape, again it was an escape from Newgate prison it was sometime between the hours of 4pm and 1am on the 15th October 1724, he managed to slip off his handcuffs and picked the padlock securing his chain to the floor. It is believed that after forcing several locks he was able to scale a wall and reach the roof using his blanket from his cell he slide down the roof onto a neighbouring roof. He climbed into the house and escaped through the front door still wearing leg irons, he managed to convince shoemaker to remove his leg irons but he was caught again two weeks later.

On the 16th November 1724 he was hung at the gallows at Tyburn it is believed he had planned one more escape but his pen knife that he intended to cut the ropes was found by a prison guard shortly before he was taken from his prison for the last time.

A joyous procession passed through the streets of London, the occasion was as much a celebration of his life and there is reported to have been up to 200,000 people. The procession halted at the City of Oxford tavern so Jack could have a pint before his death.
His slight build had aided his escapes but it went against him with his death he was condemned to a slow death by strangulation, he had planned for his friends to take his body and try to revive him but as it turned out the crowd pressed forward to stop his body from being removed thus preventing any attempt at reviving his body. His badly mauled remains were recovered and buried in the churchyard of St Martin's in the Fields later that evening.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

History of NSW Police Pt 4

Were did I leave everyone, let me check oh year 1987, so let's move on from there shell we. Between 1988-89 saw the Police Legacy formed to care for the families of deceased officers, it also so the introduction of the ICAC (independent commission against corruption) its role was to investigate complaints against police officers.

In 1889 Newcastle my town had an earthquake and the police were heavily involved in the rescue operations.

Around 1990-91 the wall of remembrance was consecrated in Goulburn, at the same time leather jackets were issued to officers as part of the uniform.

Between 94-96 the Wood Royal Commission into police conduct happened, the result of this was the introduction of the Police Integrity Commission with the appointment of Peter Ryan form the UK as commissioner of police.

It was in 1997 that the whole police service was restructured this saw 80 local area commands as the focal point of policing within 11 geographic regions with specialist and corporate commands.

Moving onto the new century saw the New South Wales Police Force being highly praised for the security arrangements at the Sydney Olympic Games.

We also saw the first female assistant commissioner although that was in Victoria not NSW but thought I would mention it anyway. She joined the police force in 1972 and was the daughter of a former assistant commissioner.

2002 saw the New South Wales Police Force become know simply as The Force. This same year saw Disaster Victim Identification Specialists go to Bali after the Bali bombing and in 2005 they went to Thailand after the tsunami.

In 2003 the headquarters of the Police Department was moved to Charles Street in Parramatta.

In 2004 we had the Redfern Riots and the following year the Macquarie Fields and Cronulla Riots, which brought focus to multicultural issues and public focus policing whatever that means.

Six years ago in 2010 the New South Wales Police Force saw the introduction of the Community Awareness of Policing Program a first for law enforcement agencies in Australia. It provides leaders of the communities a unique insight into policing polices.

As of 2011, there was 19,518 personal consisting of 15,617 police officers and 3,901 civilian personal servicing around 7.25 million people.

This will be the last post about the history of the New South Wales Force but I have one planned about those officers who have lost their lives while serving. 

Monday, 10 October 2016

Life at my house over the weekend

Hello everyone, how are you all on this very warm somewhat hot afternoon, hot enough for me to have the air con going for a bit to cool the house down.

What a weekend I have had Friday we had Leo for the night then we had him all day Saturday and again Saturday night and right up till around 1pm Sunday afternoon. Why you wonder well I will tell you his mum (Jessica) was a bridesmaid at a wedding on Saturday, Friday night she had a hens do with the bride and other bridesmaids and Saturday was the wedding and of course she got blind drunk at the wedding but as her dad said most people do get drunk to some level at a wedding and since Jessica isn't much of a drinker getting blind drunk once in a blue mood is ok.

Now on Saturday night Natasha and Tim got into an argument over how he feels that this new man (Steve) n her life is rude by the way he spends all his time when here sitting in the car instead of coming inside and speaking to us.

Also on Thursday night Blain had a friend sleep over and when I asked Natasha where he would sleep she said in the lounge room, and when Tim asked her she said in the lounge room but later Thursday night Tim saw she had set up his room for the boys to sleep in and Tim said no not happening and shut and locked his door. I understand why he didn't want a child he doesn't know in his room and I told Natasha she should have asked Tim if it would be possible without just assuming it would be alright. It is the assuming that she can do things that really annoys Tim and Natasha cannot get that.

I feel that the reason she decided to let the boys sleep in Tim's room was because her new man had problems when he returned to his home and they came back here and I think she thought let the boys sleep in Tim's office and her and Steve would sleep in her room but Tim has said he doesn't want Steve to stay over here.

We don't know Steve and Tim is fed up with people we don't really know staying here, Natasha says that her and Steve are not a couple they are just friends with benefits, whatever, this is our house it is her father's income that pays the rent and 90% of the bills she does contribute a bit but not a great deal and that is ok with both me and Tim but she can't get that this is our house and we have the right to make rules and say who can and cannot sleep here.

When Tim and Natasha were arguing I could see both sides and because when Natasha was speaking I wasn't interrupting and jumping to Tim's defence he thought I was siding with her, not the case I was just listening and thinking the best way to say what I wanted to say. Natasha got so angry that she stormed out saying she had to leave and walk off her anger which she did then she came home and got her car and her and Blain left for a while she did come home after she knew her dad would be in bed. This all happened as I mentioned Saturday night.

Yesterday (Sunday) she rang the Department of Housing emergency accommodation line and they have put her and Blain up in a motel in Charlestown about 5-10 minutes from us for last night and again tonight to give her and her dad some time to calm down, actually she rang them Saturday night when she was driving around but they could only put her up in a motel 90minutes from here and she didn't have enough fuel in her car to drive that far which is why she came home.

Natasha and Tim are so alike, she is a smaller female version of Tim this I think is why they clash so much and really cannot live together, I told Tim that and reminded him that me and Kathy-Lee cannot live together it happens some people cannot live together.

I know Natasha was going to speak to the Department of Housing again this morning but have no idea how that went as I have not seen her all day except for a few minutes this morning when she was here to get Blain's school bag.

In other news Tim's motorbike is still at the mechanics not sure when that will be fixed but I am driving Jessica's car she has her work car and all she does of a morning is drop Leo off here and go to work then go to Tafe then go back to work and she can take the work car to Tafe as she goes straight from work to Tafe and straight from Tafe back to work. I do like driving her car it is a 4wd and larger then my car but doesn't feel large feels smaller I know that doesn't make a lot of sense but that is how it feels for me.